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Freedom is the Infinite way of Divine Intelligence. It is our God given right. Everyone has access to freedom. Though the restrictions imposed upon us by human conditioning, the government and institutional thinking would have us believe otherwise. But, in the Light of Truth, real freedom comes from within. It is found in the heart and mind of ourself, all by ourself. Love is freedom and It comes via insight and illumination. It arrives through revelations, grasped individually, one to one with the Infinite Light that is being this Life we are. Love is fearless and Love is always here being you and me. We find our Light of freedom revealed as Reality becomes clearly seen. We find our innocent and honest Self, our Original Nature and the bonds of fear slip away as love prevails. Here It is, we find ourself feeling the sweet freshness of love, the spontaneous beauty of creative vitality and our connection to this holy Spirit of Intelligence within our Heart. When we know our Real Identity, we can think for ourself and trust this Inner Light of ourself. We are in Love with this whole infinite unbound joy that Lives as Life Itself. It is here, it is ours. There is nothing in our way, we are here to find this carefree holy Child we are, this Life we are. It is Real, let It take you and run with It.