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Simultaneously the Unseen Principle of God is seen and known as this whole Infinite Universe being You and Me. This Ineffable Presence is being the unbound Light of All That Is. God is Love. Love is not guilty and has no fear, so neither do I. Knowing that there is nothing outside of this Totality of the Mind of God – that knowing sets us free. The Universe and It’s Timeless Presence is the Living Isness of Love. There is no ‘other’ Presence here. God is the Substance of everything, and there is nothing else. Seeing this, we are not afraid of Life or anything that happens in Life, even death becomes powerless. God is not Self destructive and God is not frightened. Fear and guilt is senseless foolishness and it is holds no authority to bind us or control us. We are not bound by fear or guilt and we do not need to act as though we are. As this Light of Intelligence we can clearly see the entire upheaval in the world is perpetrated by the organized ideologies based in the rules for radicals, designed to subvert God and our individual freedoms. Well, that can’t be done, because in Truth, no other Light than God Itself exists. There is only One Reality and It is Illimitable, Present and All Inclusive – there is nothing to fear – not now or ever.