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I don’t belong to any political party, neither left or right, I am not affiliated with any organized religion or spiritual discipline. Though I pick and choose the sweetest parts from all sorts of things. I’ve come up with my own philosophy. It suits me fine. I tend to have a deep abhorrence to anything thing that seems like a cult. And cults are proliferating, they come in every kind of group-think that is out there. So I don’t belong to groups. I do like the unorganized, randomness of just being. I am very happy to note that I don’t follow any kind of “ism.” Seems best to me, to just keep my heart open and let Life’s unbound Love pour through. Love allows me to be flexible and vulnerable and feel the Infinite Beauty of the Divine. I can feel the richness of Life and I love to imbibe deeply in this unending miracles of Living It’s extraordinary simple pleasures. Life is Infinite, It’s never the same, so I don’t want to try to push It or mold It to be something other than the Incredible Beauty and Light of Life It is. My beloved Life, I will always find you captivating, mystical and magical. I will continue to indulge my passion in your exquisite and divine Wonder