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Being under the spell of long held mistaken beliefs about “Identity” is the entire root of the problem out there in the world. Life is about Self discovery, finding who we Really Are. We have been living a mistaken equation about Identity. Starting with the wrong basis of the equation has taken us into an enormous quagmire of confusion, violence and corruption. The big times ahead are giving us the opportunity to find clarity about our Identity. Then we can begin with a new and correct equation, which begins with Reality. The Reality is that our Identity is NOT in the body – all bodies are within Identity-God and God alone. God and Life are One Light of Awareness. God’s Awareness is our Identity. Living as our True Nature, our divine heritage, knowing Reality is our Identity we are Freedom Itself. And knowing what IS and what Isn’t, reveals to us that we are All Privileged to be God’s Infinite Self knowing Light. God is being All that You are. In this balanced Equation we find our sacred individual expression and the ‘added things’ of happiness go everywhere we go. With this Divine Equation straight, the honest answers are easy. We Live our holy fearless freedom in this Unbound Joy that transcends time and matter, while deeply in love in with this holy experience of time, matter and joyfully being who we are.