Posted by on Jun 19, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Holy Sounds

Today is filled with the soft, deep beauty of Life, I feel the presence of heaven right here, right where I am. The heart of us is sacred and in tune with the Infinite Mind of God. The heart of us Lives the rhythm and harmony of the holy sounds, the song of Life. I hear the Celestial songs playing the music of the spheres. I wake in the middle of the night to choirs of angels singing. The glorious vibrations of their voices resounding, moving me into the Infinite cosmic Love┬áthat is watching over us, always. It is a love song that lives deep in my being, touching my Soul with Its everlasting radiant splendor, embracing all that is, all that we are, all that I am. I am drifting with beautiful sounds in the peaceful dark of the night. I hear the old clock in the study chime and I see the starlight twinkle outside the windows. The sound thunders melodious through my Soul. It’s reverberation takes me higher into the pure bliss of this bright, crystal clear, shimmering holiness of the dark indigo Light. The music of heaven is here, with me, in me – and I know that Love holds us all in the arms of this undying Eloquence of this Eternal Presence that never leaves or forsakes us.