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How glorious to know this physical journey through time and space is also a spiritual journey that transcends time and space. The magic happens when we fearlessly open the heart to Life, to see both views at once. We are born to earth and time, and one day we leave the body behind. But the Soul of us is never born and we never die. Our Real identity is not subject to time and matter, in the Light of Truth, we never begin and we never end. This visionary Way of seeing and being, this is where the Real Freedom is lived, right here in the world. Not denying this world, but Knowing that we are so much more than the tangible appearances. Knowing, and knowing that we know, that’s the divine moment of freedom, happiness, and fearless Love. We understand that all this human drama is the way we learn, and know who we are – living what Love is. Then to thank this wild magical experience for the gift of Knowing It brought us. To feel how miraculous and divine, this sweet simplicity is. Now, living and knowing this gracious peace and gentle love that is always here. I don’t see how anything could be more beautiful than this

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