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The solution to the world’s problems is so simple. All people really are created equal. We are made of the Same Substance that God is – every single one of us. It is our divine right to Live this Real Identity. As this Identity, we, each and all, have dominion because we are no longer afraid of Life. Living from this sacred integrity of divine Intelligence, we are fully aware and capable of discerning right from wrong. As the Child of God our actions come from this Innate Understanding through the sublime Imprint of God’s governance. Knowing who we Really are, knowing the individual is responsible for himself and Living our divine, inherent rights, everything falls sweetly, easily into place. We realize the Allness of God. This simple, divine spark of Truth is the Light that glimmers and shines between You and God alone. We find this immaculate union in Love that brings us freedom from guilt and fear. Then we live this Light from our brave, honest Heart. One by one, alone, we will see this Invincible Love and Freedom reflected as ongoing and ever-unfolding peace, abundance, happiness and understanding in the world.