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Your Life is between you and Life alone. It is a wondrous universe. You walk in beauty because you are that beauty. You have a mind of your own, you can think for yourself. There is no government or system that will make your life better. Trust your Self, you have the divine Authority within you. Miracles do happen. Expect them. Remember, the Light of Truth is not in authoritarian systems of governance, be they political or religious. Your GodĀ given rights are yours, here, already being lived in freedom and independence. You are the Unbound Light of Awareness, able to think for yourself. The Divine Soul of us, the Child within our Heart lives without regard or regret, the Child is the pure Soul of us, innocent and fearless. This Soul of us transcends the world of time and matter, while knowing the Divine Light that is joyously behind this world of time and matter. Individually, as you are, you have all that you need within your own Heart. Everyone of us has this spark of the holy Child within us. We are the fearless Light of the Divine Intelligence of God – and That is not a myth. You exist and Life is Real. The mist of false beliefs will lift as you live this your Joy all by yourself, individually – you find It and you will know you know