Posted by on Jun 18, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Colors of Joy

Painting something in the colors of joy, because I am in love with this whole wild world of ours. I’m enchanted with this starry eyed wonder of my Soul, the Light of my Self that never lets me down. It is this feeling of freedom that I love. God amazes me, God never interferes in what we do, or don’t do. God has no demands on us. Maybe because God knows we will all find our way through our mistakes and wrong turns and the detours from where we thought we were going. That’s how we get Home, back to our Self, to fall in love with our exquisite Beauty, our very own Heart. One day we take the risk and trust Life completely, knowing Life is God itself and the Reality of All That Is. From here, we toss all the maps away and – we run free. There is a Light here within, it shines bright, steady and true, It is within us all, each and everyone of us – to find and know. We are made of Holy Light, and we live in a magical world, always unfolding toward right and good, no matter if it appears otherwise. And besides, there’s nothing that good gin and some home made cookies can’t fix. Ours is to be in love with this childlike delight of ourself. We’re really the Light of God’s bright, creative Presence. and knowing this, feeling it – that makes me smile – Sweet love –