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Years ago I discovered that the best answers come from listening to my intuitive heart of knowing. I have learned to trust my self. It is a most reliable way to live. When I follow this Inner Guiding Light, it always turns out to be the right way for me. Consider this beautiful analogy of the bud on the tree, closed within itself in darkness, it may think it is an identity capable of independent action. It may feel it is blooming itself through its own great effort, but when the bud opens into the light of day, it looks roundabout with new amazement and declares, “Tree am I, not bud. Tree is being all that I am. Tree is me and all I see. Tree is being my identity, not bud at all. And like that little bud, I looked around and realized the Living Light of God Divine is being all that is and all that I am or ever could be. Life and It’s Intelligence blooms this world we see, including you and me. When we realize the Reality and Totality of our Identity, then we are no longer suffering nor afraid. Then we can really Live, blooming into the fullness of our own marvelous beauty, tuned in directly to the Infinite Mind of God. No one is separate from this Tree of Life, not one single soul, ever