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The Child is the unconditioned Joy of our Original Self. We are made in the image of God, every one of us. We could not be here if God was not being All That Is. God is the Living Isness Life Itself. The Child is our twin self, the purity of who we are, the one we were before we were born. It is still here, always here. We can make our bed in hell and this Holy Child is with us. Ask, we can reclaim It any time, anywhere. When we find our Self, we find this marvelous sense of wholeness, peace, and tender, vibrant intelligent intuition. The Child is our unbound ever-present Light that Life Is our reeal freedom that can’t be given to us by others nor taken from us by others. We can Live this Self knowing as God and God’s awareness, right here in the world. Our freedom is already here, It is the Light of our being. It is our fearless dominion, our divine heritage. No matter what the world of appearances appear to be, this Child we are is our own Divine Knowing without end. We recognize our Real Identity as the Presence of Life Itself. Then we trust It, and bravely leap in and live It. Oh yes, then we dance with uninhibited joy to the world.