Posted by on May 5, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Pink Sky

There is a sweet calm of glassy waters here in my Soul. I sense a deep stillness that holds the changing colors of the sky. This magical feeling is a part of me. I am watching this risky, ruff and tumble scene, while touching this Love that lives as Life Itself. Mystical radiance is here, in my eyes, in my Life. It is the Timeless Light Eternal and It is Everywhere at once. No one can evade nor avoid this Light. It’s being all that is or ever was. Ignore as you wish, but thisĀ Self-Aware Light, continues blazing a trillion years to forever and It is always new. How brilliant It is. I am swept into the deep sea of this magenta depth of Love’s velvety Mind, floating on the laughter as It holds me. We stand on the cliffs and watch the frolicking photons dance. I see the heavens dressed in lacy starlight adorned in a pink hazy afternoon sky. In the dusty shimmering glows this evening of love, I’m warmed by the sun beams and soft dreams of my heart