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When China was a country of freedom the people created exquisite works of art. The Taoist ideas prevailed and everything they did was inspired by holy Spirit. They honored Life as Divinity Itself. Freedom being essential in order to Flow with this Holy River of Life. But since Communism took over, it is necessary to propagate Godless ideas in order to get people to trust the external (government-authorities) rather than the internal ((spiritual nature). Communism is an ideology based on materialism, therefore people are nothing more than tools for the State. Thus the spiritual Idealism of the Taoist vision became outlawed. I was planting some flowers next to this garden pagoda lantern. The pagoda used to sit outside our home on Owl Creek road. I’m happy I still have it. Although it reminds me that everything changes – while yet, at the very same time, we are living the Light of the Changeless One. Taoism is about Life being the Living Truth of All That Is. Life is a Movement and Stillness, both at once. Life, the Infinite All Inclusive, Mind of God. We are living One Subjective Totality. We are Spirit, timeless, deathless Reality, experiencing our Divine Wholeness, appearing as this objective world of people, places and things, birth and death. The Changeless Reality and appearance of Change being One Wholeness of God alone. We are inseparable from this Living Tao. Ours is to find the Balance here in this time-space world by Living the Light of Truth, the Child’s Heart, our Innate Balanced Wisdom. When the two become One, we see life from a Third view, the Third Eye, the knowing “I” of the holy Child. This then, is the full Realization, the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as One. Realizing our transcendent nature, we are very capable of Living in the world without fear, knowing what to do and how to do it. And that is from my beautiful pagoda lighting my Heart with Love today.