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In fact we live within Consciousness. We are aspects of God’s Mind. God’s Mind and Its Awareness is All That Is. At the moment It includes all kinds scientific systems, political ideologies, every sort of human government and theology. But all those things are within Awareness. We are this Unpossessed Awareness. We are not subject to the stultifying and misleading systems of organized groups, political, scientific or any other sort of human institutions, doctrines and laws. No matter what the system or who the leaders tell us they are, we have done with following the dictates of those who consider themselves authorities over others. We let go what ‘they say’ to become the finder of our own Messiahship, the true message of salvation. We find our Inner Light and we live it in our action, unconcerned with the actions others. The first freedom and the last freedom is in self-discovery. That discovery is immaculate, untouched by anyone else. It is a virgin discovery as the recognition of deity within and without. Now no longer listening to the the distorting, thwarting beliefs perpetrated by controlling systems. We become a Light unto our Self and we Live It. Consciously Knowing who we really are, the Joy Lives within us and bubbles over into our world – which includes all those we love, and forever love.