Posted by on May 22, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Knowing

You make my heart sing, sweet Child of Mine. How glorious to find this Light within. It tells me clearly there is no real power in political agendas that seek to control us with fear. There is no Real life or substance in those who want to sell us false security in exchange for our freedom. Seems there many who would use the violence of control and fear in the name of protecting us. I am not afraid. My soul, my heart, my spirit, my unbound Knowing cannot be harmed by these corrupt institutions and ideologies created to force others to submit to their petty thinking. I’ll trust this fearless Love that has found me – I’ll take my chances. My mind and heart are free. I’ll put my trust in this Infinite Presence of God, the Light being this Self I am. This Light shows me the way and leads me aright. There is no power greater than Life and Life is my very Self, the divine and Living Beauty I am. It is the Immutable Isness being All That Is and All That you are. We find the Light and Soul of our Self and then we just Let it be, let it be – as It shows us the Way