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Well, if you put it to the test, if you try it out, live bold and true to your Divine Nature – you find there is an alchemy that happens. It takes place within your Heart. You see the objective material-body world and the Mind of God are One. When we Live the two as One, we become fearless and free. This tangible world of measurable time-space-matter is now seen as the very evidence of God Itself. Living this directly creates the Alchemy of Love. This Child is found in the Holy Crucible of our Heart. The Child is our Real Identity. When we find it, there is a mystical union between God and Matter. This union proves beyond any doubt that this Identity we are belongs to God and God alone. We claim our divine heritage as the Child of God. The Living Holy Trinity is God and God’s Awareness, Aware of It’s Self – the Self, the Child your Pristine Nature before you came into this world. Realizing This, we Live again, fresh, real, fearless and new everyday. And we find ourself knowing what to do and how to do it. We are Divine Light Itself, right here, ever unfolding, guiding the way with an irrepressible Love that cannot be contained