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Freedom is right here. Freedom is not bound to time or place, nor is it bound to systems or ideologies. It is our divine God given right as the very Life we are. We are Life and Life is illimitable and eternal. No one owns Life. We are Life Everlasting. This Is It. We are Living It right now, right here. To know and know we know – that is what brings the joyful, carefree freedom that fills our heart. Love Lives as this holy Child I am. The Child is the free spirited Divine¬†Imprint that lives beyond time – and It’s here, right where we are. That’s the beauty of this marvelous Light of the Child; It Lives in the world fully aware of it’s timeless Truth. I am the Child of this Infinite Mind of God, moving and flowing easy, melting sweetly into this tangible world, defenseless and in Love. We are the wind blown wild Beauty rejoicing under the clear blue sky of heaven. Unrestricted by time, we live our true nature of the Holy Spirit, flexible, strong, agile, moving joyfully upon the waves of this glorious and Infinite Mystery of this divine Presence that moves all things. I feel the Child’s freedom – It is ungoverned and ungovernable – It is this unbound Heart of mine, true and Real