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In all matters that play out on this worldly scene, I will go with love. I’ve never had a problem wherein love was not the answer. The beauty you are shines forever bright, you are a perfect you. Love is happy just being this uninhibited, unbound feeling within my heart. Love is here as this sense of peace, tranquillity, serenity, and a very gentle joy. Love is the transcendent presence of that which is being all sensation, all feeling, all that is. Love is the happiness that nothing can take from us. Love is real and it is unbound, infinite and everlasting. Love understands all things. God is Love.  Love, love looks and lives, open and free. Love understands because love is understanding, love doesn’t condemn itself. Love is not guilty, love is not restrictive, it’s not bound, it’s not confined or contained, love is not afraid. Love is Life. There is only one Love, it has no opposite. Love is this unbridled spirit galloping joyfully in the meadow. It is the very nature of being, the one that God is — the God that is Love, the Love that is the mysteries answered.