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” Dreams” by Sandy Jones

Drifting sweetly on this sea of Love, moving gently upon the waters pouring from this infinite wellspring of dreams. We float easy with the ebb and flow of this illimitable Mind of golden Light, drenched in glimmering reflections of our very own existence. No longer bound to time, as the magical fountain pours forth it’s never ending, everlasting beneficence. You take me on this adventure through the immeasurable holy spirit, floating through the infinite magical images of Eternity. You take me gliding over the clear blue pristine waters of Love and It’s dark green depth of Mystery. Riding the currents, destination unknown, we gaze into the night sky of a billion twinkling wandering stars. Feeling the stirring sway of change upon these holy waters, we yield to the magical rhythm. Divine beauty sparkling in your eyes, and the dazzling joy of your smile rushes through me. Touching this timeless Love when the evening comes, pulled near, holding the playful days of sunshine in dreams together under the hallowed beauty of glowing yellow moonlight