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We can’t change much of anything in this world until we change our self and live from this higher new view of the world. We rise above the objective view, the old view that says life is in the body, and we are separate from a world appearing to be outside of our self. One day we realize the world is our Self. We do not possess Life – Life is the Living Presence of God and all things exist as God’s Self-Awareness. This world appearing as all possible individual states of God’s being. From this higher quantum position we are released from the bonds of the objective material view. Now we know that the Mind of God and God’s Awareness is all that is, and is our very Identity. Then, if we are willing to continue, we find and live from this peaceful balance wherein the objective world is understood, not denied. This divine balance comes with the discovery of the Child we are. The Child lives a step beyond both the objective and the subjective view. This Child within is our divine heritage and It can be found anywhere along the line at any moment. The Child is an infinitely superior view, free from beliefs based on separation, fear and control. This is where we find real liberation, we find and Live this third position that no one can take from us. We know what to do concerning the mountains of lifeā€”and find ourselves capable of moving them.