Posted by on Apr 11, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Unknowable Isness

The Child heart of us is filled with the mystical songs of love. We turn around and find the Child again, and we are unleashed, feeling the Presence of this Infinite Mind of God being Everything that is. The heart knows. The tender, open heart knows this Unknowable Isness is being All That Is. The pristine Child lives the sublime balance between this tangible world scene and the All Inclusive Something that is the Source of all things. The Child joy’s in the delight of this pure sweet pleasure of living this Mystery. I see nothing but infinity and I love to run here in the musical forest of wonder, my heart unrestricted, free, blown gently with the wind. And sweet Lord, my prickly cactus is bountiful with flowers. A stickery little devil he is, I have to love him at a distance, can’t get too close, but I am enchanted when he’s in bloom –