Posted by on Apr 9, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on The Way

IĀ find myself in a mystical place right here in the middle of the world I live in. This veil between worlds was lifted. I am in this mysterious secret garden, this other dimension, but I am still here in the world. It was just a slight shift, a soft gentle shift in perspective. Now I see how perfect it all is. I am playing in this harmonious Timeless Reality with you. I am a little girl again. And I am in love with it all, including you. I’m buoyed by this unobstructed view, this holy vision, living the Eternal Identity I Am. Life is perfect just the way it is. But the old man can’t see what is real and true. So he wants to control the world, fix it, reshape it, mold it to fit into some system of violence that only makes a mess of things. Thus leading to more fixing and reshaping and on and on, one thing after another. The Light of Life needs no help, needs no fixing. Life is brilliant, absolutely brilliant and supernal. There is an Illimitable Intelligence far greater than those who feign intellect, claiming to be authorities. And yet, even so, this Ineffable Light Divine goes right on being the Immutable Reality that is All That Is. And my heart is filled with the Sweet laughter of God.