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Artwork “Magic Moment” by Sandy Jones

When I was a little girl, all my friends would go to church on Sundays. One day I asked my dad why we didn’t go to church. My dad said, basically, that God is Love, God is Mind and That Mind is wherever we are. Oh gosh, I heard the sound of sweet freedom. That was so beautiful to me and I thought about that, I contemplated that, I pictured an Infinite Universe as the Living Mind of God, beyond and beyond-endless and always here, right wherever I am. The Mystery and Wonder of It allĀ has never left me. Though I had to work through all the twists and turns along my own bumpy little road of growing up, there was always this Heart of Mine that knew Something Wonderful about Life. I spent those years testing and living this profound, yet simple vision – and It has proven Itself True. Even better, I am that little girl again. It is All Divine Mind and It is Love. And now, for me, Life has become so very Sweet and Easy. Here in my Heart those first insightful words have bloomed in a Glorious Joy of Life and the abiding Peace of this Love that never fails to be with me.