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It’s nothing complicated. It’s so simple. We make it complicated and then we can’t see It. I had a dream that I still remember. I came down the stairway and walked into this grand ballroom of scintillating jewels and fabrics, a room full of opulent beauty. There was softly glowing silks, deep purple velvets and radiant pillars of gold. Gleaming colors of glittering gemstone jewelry poured over the edges of cherry wood boxes. And clothing, each of unique design, draped and dripping, sumptuously over flowing. Luscious things, such that I had never seen before, all mine to give from this Infinite wellspring of beauty. We are the recipients of the Illimitable Source of All Things. A fountain of Everlasting Light that never runs out of Itself. It’s just too wild and wonderful, this world. It is a rollicking festival of Something Divine. I hear the Music of the Spheres in everything, everywhere. Life is a Love Song. This Life of you and me, It is the living, spinning, shimmering sounds, the chords and notes of Something Without Name. And here is my heart, a glowing red ruby inferno, lit by the sweet sounds of Love’s holy laughter. This world is made of the warm golden flickering reflections of a glorious explosion set by the romantic, playful pyromaniac of Love.