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Taking the wandering path, leaving the restricted roads of the old world behind. The pure heart of knowing leads us on. Opening the gate and skipping for joy into the Meadow where the sunlight shines bright and warm. We remember this sweet place, we feel the freedom with happy hearted delight. Like little kids at a birthday party, friends and crepe paper spun pink and yellow, so alive with eager little feet racing toward the new day. The old man steps aside, we have unlocked┬áthe gate to run free, heart open, in love and unconcerned, as the fading shadows disappear into the holy night. All the kids gathered on the bridge watching the mist vanish, eyes full of wonder and joy. Let it go – let it go – leave it all behind. Here it is, fresh, lush, in the richness of the Infinite Light of it all. We are filled with the breath of our own beloved, sacred, willing heart. There is nothing to fear. Walking in the same Meadow of mind, this garden of flowers and light returns to us. We were never bound by the world’s time and space. In grand delight we find ourselves in the grassy fields of love’s sublime simplicity.