Posted by on Apr 11, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Night Sky

A silence woke me up around 2 AM. There was a deep stillness in the night. I was called toward a soft glow outside. The rain had stopped, the garden was shining with golden-pink rays of light. I don’t know where the glow was coming from. It was a shimmering light over everything, a radiance in the dark and glimmering sparkles streaming through the wet leaves of the trees. Breathing in the air when the jasmine and orange trees are in bloom is like inhaling heaven. Trusting this Living Presence, the Divine Intelligence of my own Heart seems to me to be the best way to navigate this adventure. I will go my own way and be true to myself, my own Soul. I will lead myself all the way through to the other side. For now, it is mine to love my little garden of wild honey flowers sleeping in the night, my silent paradise of love. This mysterious, holy, amazing, sweet fact of existence – That I exist, we exist, this world exists – that any of this exists at all -such wonder it is to live and love.