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Life immerses us in Its holiness, It’s Infinite Knowing as the very living beauty that sustains all things. Love is the way of this Life we are. God is here as Life Itself. We are the pure Light of a Divine and Perfect Intelligence. Trusting ourself, this is the Way. This Light within the Heart and Soul of us is our Divine Heritage. Follow your own Inner guidance. You know, trust your Self, you are wed to the Light of Intelligence. It is within you. Love will lead the way. God is the very Substance of All That Is. Ours is to find this Light within our Self and to Live It. For me, to live knowing who I am is my diamond that lasts forever. So I do, I do, my beloved Divine. I live my life heart to heart, listening to this holy music of my Soul. I joyfully sing Hallelujah, yes, yes, I am so very much in love, steady and true. And look, dear Child, the orange trees are in bloom and the jasmine is bursting with sweetness, buzzing bees and sunshine to say I love you, because I do, I do.