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Years ago, when it was springtime in the Rockies the lilac would bloom in bountiful beauty around our little Owl Creek home in Aspen. It was such a joy to pick these fragrant little bouquets straight from our garden. Colorful bundles of abundance filled our home with the most intoxicating fragrance. Well, it is strange and mystical to me, but here in Ojai, I have two lilac bushes in my back yard. It is very rare to see lilac here, where the climate is not conducive to growing lilac. Yet, there they are, they bloom every spring, right on time. They don’t last long though, but they don’t care about time, they just live fully and bloom because that is the way of Life. Oh how I do love this fearless freedom that moves my soul, it is the Living nature of all that I am. Standing on my own two feet is the only way I can live. Praise God and hallelujah to know that I am filled with this power of Love and the Light divine. This holy rebel spirit of my beloved soul sings her song of freedom. Living from the heart, I am touching this eternity of Love, my own holy grace. I have seen the mortal myth. It is mine now to trust who I am. Sweet Life, sweet world of mine.