Posted by on Apr 28, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Life

That’s a celebration all its own. The roses in front of my shop are blooming so bright and abundant, reds and yellows smiling in the sunshine. Flowers and love, joy, words and songs, laughter, music, beauty and soft sweet kisses cannot be stopped. The world is in bloom everywhere. My rose bushes are bursting with glory while the thriving busy street has become lifeless, no chatting people strolling by, not a car in sight, snuffed out by the spooky specter of fear. But Life does not stop, it has no fear. The flowers and the trees, the birds and bees dancing in the sweet fresh breeze – still here. Life is so rich with the bounty of Love the Immutable, heavenly and marvelous Living Presence. It keeps right on going, rolling right over the ones who think they rule and wish to control the world, trying to stop God from being. God just laughs. Those who think they can organize the world, mold it, form it, control it to suit their personal wishes – they’ll never be able to do that. And then you dive in and cover me with smooches, I giggle, excited to see you here in full force – so obviously Here. My fearless Heart is not going anywhere. God is very cool indeed.