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It’s all right where we are. We’re always inside. Everything is inside of us. We are the Mind of Mystery on a warm night, painting a pink sky upon our own gentle existence. All right here inside of us. This palatable universe, filled with the finite, deliciousness, all here within us. We find this magical place of wonder, the inconceivable, where the extraordinary appears ordinary – and we let go, to Live the fullness of Ourself. Living it all inside-out. Being the world we walk through. We are living the experience of a Sublime Existence and there is nothing outside of this wonder within. Now to dance in the spinning delight and the joyful magic of One Infinite Love. The Omniscient knowing consciousness, your timeless Identity Lives. What is Real remains Real no matter what we think we know. We are on one big, wild, magic adventure of our own Divine and Infinite Isness.