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If your heart desires to see this world a better place, then trust your own heart. Let the holy Child come alive here in the world, unafraid, stripped, bare, vulnerable, and raw. In the rawness of being we can feel again, touch and know what is Real and what is not – we can let go the old view and live again. The Child is not bound to the narrow conceptual restrictions that dictate the accepted world view. We are set free within our own heart and soul. We discover our inner authority as the Light of Life. Tender and alive with Life, we are invincible in our vulnerable divine beauty. Find that adorable Child of God you are and be your beautiful, light-hearted self, rising up to your Self. The Child knows what is and what is not, living it all easy and balanced. This is the Original Soul, the inner core, the unconditioned divine imprint, the pure Light of Life. This is the same little girl and little boy you were, not far away, but here, where the joyous harmony of those celestial sounds of Life can be heard singing loves songs to you always.