Posted by on Apr 18, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Divine Knowing

Quantum science tells us Everything Is within mind and Life is a subjective experience. The ancient Eastern religions tell us similar ideas. Now in the West we have a proliferation of ideologies based in non-duality. The Subjective ideas tell us that everything is relative and therefore making judgements is out of line with this New Thought. However, this idea of being non-judgmental has gone to the extreme. Let’s not throw out our divine, God given gift that lets us make clear, Intelligent judgements. Because Life is Subjective, we see that any ideology lived without balance brings upheaval and turmoil to the world. You see, we are not supposed to get rid of our Intellect nor the gift of judgment. It would do us well to find the perfectly balanced place within us that is quite capable of making good judgement and standing up for right and wrong. It is our divine heritage to Know and know we know. Trust your ability to make judgements, listen to your Heart. Understanding is deeply personal, it is between God and yourself. The collective mind-set is lost in extremes, off course and out of balance. Listen to Your Self. Don’t worry what others think. We do what we feel is true to our own heart and let others do what they feel is true to theirs. Wise judgment is your God given right. Find the Child, the Middle Way and stand true to your Heart and it will all work out.