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And yes, there is something profoundly beautiful that happens when we find our Original Soul, the holy Child. It is, beyond a doubt, very Real. We are changed greatly by this discovery. We are relieved from feeling responsible for everything that happens in life. We uncover a tremendous sense of freedom, peace and love. The Child of us is vulnerable, raw, alive and acutely sensitive to a higher Intelligence that makes it easier to understand things going on in this tangible time-space realm. The Child shows us the way through this world, guides us on our journey when we leave the body behind. Through this Child-Heart we find the beauty of our divinity and the sublime freedom to be true to ourself and in love with life. We gain an understanding that is not of this world and an intuitive knowing why this world is the way it is. That’s it, we get to enjoy the wonder of living this sweet wholeness of ourself, right here in the joyful yin and yang, black and white, good and bad of it all, fearlessly aware of what is real and true and what is not.