Posted by on Apr 17, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Changeless Changes

Out of this centered place of peace and balance comes the joy of letting go, taking a chance and moving forward. with trust in ourself. Nature is in ongoing movement, always. Nothing is inert – it’s in constant change. Though, indeed, the Eternal Light of God is Unchanging and always here, Absolute and Real. Knowing these two that are One is to find the Divine Balance. Understanding these two are One is the Way of Tao. By Divine Design, we are given this Core, this inner gyroscope, our holy Identity, an Intuition that is agile and alert and fearless. The unexpected swift turns and wobbles are easily navigated by this Inner Guide. You remember when you were a little kid learning to ride a bike? Instinct to peddle fast, eager to learn, adjusting the handlebars as you moved along. The Pure Beauty of trusting That Which is Within us. The balance is yours alone. No one else can do It for you. Life is like that. It moves and we lean into it, we open ourself, our heart, expose our childlike spirit, and ride with the Ineffable, Nameless Presence. We become our own authority, awake to the benevolence of Reality and Its Love for us. With the joy of Living Freedom, we adventure onward, steady, alive and in love with this world we are.