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Presence is Always Here. It has no beginning, It it Timeless. This Presence is being who and what we are. It is our Identity, it is this experience of Life we are living. Whatever we call It – It is a Divine Something being this most amazing adventure we call Life. That’s truly wondrous. No matter what happens out there, or here, no matter who we are, what we have or don’t have, what we know or don’t know, this Awareness is never harmed, altered or changed. Even death cannot touch this Life we are, matter and time are powerless. This experience of Life is God’s Living Consciousness. It is being all that is and all that is not. There is nothing outside the Mind of God. We are Its Self knowing. That’s good. It means that God is beyond you and me, but includes you and me. We are somehow part of Something Divine, while yet not responsible for the Divine. Such a magic trick we are, right here, now, always and forever. So, I will live and love this whole entire twinkling marvel of Joyful Beauty that is the very Life I am – Mighty Sweet – Yes it is.