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“Owl Creek Road” -by Sandy Jones

We are all natural philosophers, by the very fact that we are living. We are here uncovering the mysteries of our being, the hows and whys of this world, and we try to navigate this strange and wonderful Life without any instructions. It’s quite beautiful, you know. We are all exploring, seeking to know what the fundamental Truth might be. We all want to find the basic foundation, some solid ground to stand on. We want to know what is true and what is not true and never was. We work with ideas, we learn about reality and existence by living – because we exist as Life knowing Itself. If we are lucky, we find those wise sages who point us in an honest direction that leads us aright. And again, if we are lucky, we find that Reality for ourself, we make that Self discovery – and we Live It. It is wonderful to know that there is Something Real here, and we can find it even in this smorgasbord, pot luck feast of misleading and untrue information. We do best when we trust our own Heart, listen to ourself and find our way to true understanding as we come home, because It is here in the very heart of us.

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