Posted by on Mar 2, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Miracles

The miracles happen. Not always in the way we wanted – but in ways that touch our heart deeply with grace, tranquillity and understanding – setting us free. We look around and see our joy bouncing and bounding in the world as this Infinite Love we are. Such wonder it is to feel the cool morning air and hear the happy birds singing in the sunshine. How miraculous this Living Presence of holy peace we feel, right here, changeless, always tenderly here. Love is all that is, it is everywhere we are. We are open, willing and our senses come alive, feeling this holy Presence touching us. We are wakened, feeling it all, feeling the wonders – as heaven appears right here, we are standing on holy ground. There is no doubt, as our world is seen with new eyes. We are unloosed from fear and the miracles unfold in such marvelous unexpected ways.