Posted by on Mar 4, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Light Waves

Light, glorious light of a bright new day. The Real of us lives as this Timeless Light, beyond this measurable material light. There is the Original Light that cannot be seen. It is a still Light, changeless and immeasurable. We know It exists because our visible, tangible, linear world is it’s evidence. This Unseen Light is beyond the limits of measure. No one knows what it is, but science is discovering THAT It is. A Light that It is here right now, because you and I are here right now. We are the living rays beaming as Its self knowing. Love’s truth touches us like a cool ocean breeze on a warm summer day. We are the divine vision of this Original Light seeing Itself in the eyes of you and me. On this sea of light we can drift along feeling the pleasure of sweet equanimity. You realize you are the magic, here to play like a child at the beach, feeling the wet sand, writing love letters that wash away with the tides. Catching the waves of glorious light to ride this divine sea of God’s mystery. We feel ourself moving easy to the rhythm of this ocean of love. It takes us with It as It rolls to shore with the sound of perfect harmony.