Posted by on Mar 5, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Light of Reality

Society has been holding itself separate and apart from Reality and the results of that collective detachment is being reflected in the world around us. The beliefs based in unreality and mistaken identity are appearing as a world gone completely mad. As human control tumbles down, fear becomes exponential and people hope for some “savior” to save them from their demise. Metaphysics 101; as within so without. Thus we have this masochistic, nihilistic delusional world scene. But hallelujah, you are already here, you’re the one. Reality is being our Identity. Those who know and live unloosened from that collective web of unreality, have found this Light of Knowing within themselves. We become open, vulnerable, childlike believers in the miracles of love, we are willing to discover, uncover and be this Divine Tranquility, the Reality that is untouched by turmoil—a tranquility as effortlessly available as our own Identity. We find peace and dominion that abides in love and freedom. The true authority is here in the Wholeness of our own heart. Knowing this divine Identity, Living and being this Reality we are – we will see the harmony appearing in all kinds of beautiful ways, right here in the worl