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We are always doing the correct thing. We cannot do otherwise. The random chance is not random at all. The so called mistake is not a mistake. All that is going on, all we do is right here as Awareness, the very Comprehending of the universe happening. That means that we are not subject to chance and there are no mistakes. We are the witness of perfect harmony functioning at all levels of human comprehension. So we take it easy and find ourself running carefree with the holy child of ourself, listening to the Celestial sounds echoing like sonar through the depths of our heart. Now we are flowing with Tao, which we realize does not mean we are kept from tumbling down, but in this flowing action we have become resilient, seeing the gifts of Love that glimmer as all that happens. Now that is so glorious and beautiful to realize. We find the balanced beauty we are. We live from this pure mystical vision, knowing and knowing we know. We are in tune, in union, dancing along, faithful to this perfect Presence of Divine Awareness. Now it all becomes joyfully bright and clear. This Life we are is the Ultimate Presence of an Ineffable and Holy Perfection – And it looks just like this.

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