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There truly is the Presence of Eternal Light and It Lives untouched and Real, right here, right now. This Light is the Light of Life and It is being All That You Are. This Ineffable Light is the holy Soul, the sacred Heart of Everyone of us. It is the pure Original Self we are. This Identity is untouched by the passing scene, the turmoil or any sense of doom. This Child sees the world from an unobstructed view. The Child is the very same child we were as children, but now, now, we know the Divine Gift this Child is. The Child is an immediate exception, living here in the world while playing beyond the confines of the old man’s obstructed vision of Life. The Child is the Guide, living completely free from the binds of the old man’s struggles to make the world fit into his limited, short sighted framework. The Child looks both ways, she see the tangible word as the living tangible evidence of God, while clearly aware of the Transcendent, Infinite Light of Love that is being All That Is, and all that we are. The Child leads us straight to Itself – wonder of wonder’s freedom. It’s up to us to Live this Love. Finding It, we Live It with enthusiasm, and strength, acknowledging the perfect Light of Life that Is All That Is and Ever will Be.

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