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How very content and happy to explore this most remarkable adventure of life. An adventure, so very simple. As long as we are still here, might be a good idea to enjoy whatever transpires, with no need to control any of it. That seems to open the doors to infinite possibilities, the doors to the unknown. Our heart awaiting in optimistic expectation and the love and magic always shows up, right here, it’s here at every moment, really. Now we can spend this most fortuitous day in the rich experience of simply being. Perhaps to enjoy a creamy espresso and a heart full of wonder. We can revel in this wild world of love and delight in the sweet taste of this dreamy, simple wonders and the rich depth of mystery. This world we are, the world is who we are, It is the self we are, and we are all that is. Never are we without this Life that is being All That is. We are Timeless and we are the splendor of the supernal Love, Divine Love. Yes, we are the magic, self to self – It’s all magic, right here in the warm swirling beautiful experience of simply being. This is it. And I love you – oh yes, yes I do. 

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