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I vote for freedom – Real freedom, which I think the original Constitution of U.S. was trying to find the best words for. The founding fathers came as close as they could to stating we have God given rights to freedom. They had an enlightened, transcendental view of Life and of people as liberty loving, heart-led, visionary, creative, trustworthy individuals. Our Constitution is based on Idealism, a faith in the individual soul, the understanding that each could govern himself. Quite right, they were. The Constitution is founded on the idea that less laws, less control and less government allows the most room for people to bloom and prosper. A Republic is not a democracy. It is created to give the individual freedom and personal rights to be who he is without doing harm to others – and without having to submit to majority rule. All this goes well with my own philosophy, which is very simple, which is to trust myself and live my life my way, vulnerable, alive, and straight from my Heart – mistakes and all – without regret. No one can take our Original Identity from us. Death and destruction have no power over the Real Identity we are. Love is Here, It remains unharmed and unhindered by whatever happens on our journey through time. This is Love – Love is the Identity you are, and freedom is forever.