Posted by on Feb 8, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on True and Real

Life is absolutely incredible. Time cannot touch that which is forever and real. There are aspects of Life that are absolute, always here, real and true. They remain here even as time goes by. Much like the spirit of that little girl I was, or the little boy you were, that spirit is as fresh and real now as it was then. The spirit, the unseen beauty of the heart and the tender feelings of love – these are real. They are everlasting. The Real is untouched by time. Those who say that there is no truth, that all truth is relative — they must have lost contact with their own Soul. No one could say that if they had even a small glimpse of their own true and living Selfhood. Infinite and All is the primary Presence of Life. The real things are the unseen things within the heart of us. My treasure is this sweet lightness that always lifts me up. It is the holiness of my Soul and It lives as the Unbound Joy of Life Itself.