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The joy you see is the joy you be, because there is only one Awareness being All That is. We do not possess this Awareness. There is nothing outside of this Awareness. Awareness is Life aware-ing as you and me. Life will forever include you because Life is being all that you are. You and I, we are the Way of Life, we are Life’s Self-knowing reporting to Itself all Its infinite, living wonders. The beauty you see out there, is the bright and blazing love that is within you, the very heart, the soulful lover you are is the ever present Life of you, always you. And you don’t have to do a thing to make it so. Everything that is going on in our world, whatever it appears to be, is just as it supposed to be. Suddenly, we are free, no longer responsible for or to this Awareness being this experience of Life. We let go and the miracles start happening, illuminating and brightening our spirit and our world. The warm flames of love glimmer and shine upon the gentle waters of our own Infinity as we sail the mysterious beauty we are.