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And if we are lucky, somewhere along the line, we rediscover the child that hasn’t gone anywhere, but has been there all the while, leading us by the hand, hoping to get us through every trouble, every trial, every tribulation. Now some people call this child the soul. You are welcome to call it whatever you like – call it the original imprint. Call it the divine imprint. Call it spirit. But, no matter what you call it, it is the original child’s mind, and it’s here right now full-fledged, shaken together and running over, and it wants us to get through this world and its time of trial and tribulation, and it wants us to get through with grace, and dignity, and it wants us to reign. And we will, each one of us will make it, this life time or another. There was a very lovely lady once who said, she got angry, she got angry because she kept floating away, and people had to pull her back down. Her name was Katherine of Sienna. She made the remark “My me is God. Nor do I recognize any other me, but my God himself.” That is the truth. She had found the child within her, and that is what lifted her up so high, she rises above it all. The transcendent child is everywhere at once – oh what a beautiful world it is – yes it is.