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“Sunroom” by Sandy Jones

This childlike wonder returns and the senses are re-awakened, our world is shimmering and sparkling with the new found joy that shines within us. The child is the original imprint, the divine of us, the child we were from the beginning. The child is whole and happy, balanced, creative and free. Feeling this vital¬†Living Presence of Life opens the heart to the mystical depths of the real and everlasting Light we are. And the child knows with clarity there is no other Light than this divine, illimitable Light. This pristine soul of us understands this world, knowing that death is not what it looks like and neither is life – and neither is this three dimensional space-time continuum what it appears to be. The Light we are cannot be enslaved and with this understanding we find true freedom. Here, in the vibrant beauty of the Meadow we discover all the magical delights as Life’s own Awareness of Itself. We have let go the binding restrictions of the old man’s view, the limited constructs of a mistaken identity. In the Light of freedom, we see the world with this clear and bright mind of our own, transcendent and free. Here, Life sweeps us up, bringing miracles as we go along.¬†