Posted by on Feb 24, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Knowing

To be happy for no reason, but just because – just because Life is so extraordinary. To feel this magical experience of being is by far the most wonderful reason to be happy. To be, just to be, feels absolutely and simply remarkable. There is something I see, something that feels so obvious, it is so clear, so evident, it fills my heart with such beauty and love – it’s something that I know and the knowing of it makes me happy. Knowing this something – that’s it. And this knowing enriches my world bringing the bountiful joy of itself revealing it all. And I am enchanted as I watch all these marvelous things, simply, magically happen, pouring in without effort or aim. There is no wanting anything, because its all here and it’s all perfect just as it is. Knowing something, is feeling something that is real – because we are completely filled with it and it is our whole world and everything – and all that is, is ours. The knowing brings an illimitable joy and it is irrepressible, it moves through me – fills me with love and wonder, ecstasy and beauty, harmony and ease. This knowing is flowing in, flowing through, gracing this world of mine, inside and out. Knowing something, how amazing this is – and it’s powerful evidence is here as everything that is.