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Ojai, California

When we walked in fields of gold. There was a breeze, soft and warm, and the sky was deep blue with white clouds drifting softly, moving with the gentle winds. I was touched by the day, fresh and full of love. All this beauty warming the heart with tender smiles. The lightness sets me free on loves wings. I find it so marvelous that nature has no use for order nor does it acquiesce to the human desire for control and conformity. Life is so exquisite in It’s unobliging, disorderly perfection. I’ll trust nature and Life’s untamed beauty. The Divine Mystery allows for this limitless freedom of laughter and delight, the unbound expanse of our memory, imagination and creative reflections. We can soak in the random, wild beauty of this world. Staying with the freshness of the moment, we are immersed in the joy that touches us with this profound liberation filling our soul. We come alive in this moment. In fearless freedom we understand what it is – this is the very Light of Life disclosing a perfect Universe. The Light of this Love is faithful and true. Taken in this untamed beauty of the Divine we find the gifts of happiness and gentle reason in the song of Love.