Posted by on Jan 6, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Soulful Lover

Something beautiful and loving is present as Life Itself. We really have to thank our lucky stars and have faith in Life, because Life Is – and Is All That Is. It’s not like I’ve not said it a million times, but I’m in love with it all. We are the Living experience of Love’s mystery, God Itself. And I have fallen in love with this Self Knowing, this world, this Life, my own sweet, delicious, glorious, divine Awareness. And here we are, given the freedom to wander this entire holy experience, unsupervised. That makes me smile. Our path is open, we live by chance alone, knowing that nothing is for certain – except for the very fact that You and I are Life Itself, Immutable All. The Life you are, always was and always will be. We are sailing an infinite sea of sparkling gems, radiant diamonds and emerald jewels. We are floating, drifting through the heavenly turquoise sky. And here within the heart this beauty rests gently, fearless, soft and easy. I am being flung like an arrow, set free, swiftly let go, flying into the infinite night sky, soaring into the starry wonder of Light’s eternity. And we don’t have to go anywhere to know this kind of exquisite Love. It’s all here, in the heart and in our eyes. The soulful lover of Love shines a light in the midnight of Its marvelous, mystical magic dreams.